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Portable Plant Air Humidifier 500ml 'My Jungle Home' |My Jungle Home|
Portable Plant Air Humidifier 500ml 'My Jungle Home' |My Jungle Home|
Portable Plant Air Humidifier 500ml 'My Jungle Home' |My Jungle Home|
Portable Plant Air Humidifier 500ml 'My Jungle Home' |My Jungle Home|

Portable Plant Air Humidifier 500ml 'My Jungle Home'

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Portable,  long run time... there's SO much to love about our Smart Humidifier... and that's all before you get to the design. Sleek and simple in Snow White with a 500ml capacity.


• Size Medium 500mL capacity, continuous spraying for about 10 hours, intermittent spray for about 16 hours

• Ambient Light Features

• Heavy mist with ultra-quiet design4

• Super Easy to Clean and Fill

• Effectively humidifies small to medium rooms.

• Auto power-off protection activates when water tank is empty.

Do your plants need a humidifier?

Humidity is about more than just spoiling your plants. Many of our favourite indoor houseplants come from naturally tropical habitats with high humidity. Our heated and air conditioned homes cause them to suffer as they are designed to take excess moisture from the air.

Calathea Orbifolia, Stromanthe Triostar, Philodendron Pink Princess, String of Turtles, Orchids, Ferns... the list goes on and on of high humidity lovers. Signs to watch out for that your plants are asking you to raise their humidity include leaves with brown edges and tips and curling or wilting leaves even when you're meeting their soil watering needs. For flowering plants, also look for buds that fail to develop, or drop before they open, and flowers that shrivel soon after opening. Winter can be so much worse for our tropics loving plants too.

Long run time. Up to 8 hours

Up to 8 hrs humidity for your plant's happiness, with 2 mist modes.

Plug in (cord included) and run corded for continuous use (up to 8 hrs per fill on Intermittent Mode). USB cord included, which plugs directly in to a standard USB power board, a laptop or computer, or simply use your phone or speaker charger brick and plug in to the wall.

2 mist modes + auto low-water shut-off

Intermittent Mode cycles 3 seconds on, 2 seconds off, extending run-time when cordless. Continuous Mode provides a full, constant mist.

One 750ml fill lasts up to 28 hrs in Intermittent Mode, or up to 18 hrs in Continuous Mode when plugged in.

Cordless in Intermittent Mode gives up to 7 hrs cordless run-time - or up to 5 hrs cordless run-time in Continuous Mode.

Your H2O will switch itself off automatically when the water level gets too low.

Super easy to refill and keep clean. Just unscrew the top, revealing the large capacity water reservoir inside.

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