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Hypoestes Plant Care

Posted by Alexander Holdinghausen on

Hypoestes are fun and easy-going plants with leaves spotted in a variety of colors, including red, pink, and white. Enjoying warm temperatures and humid environments, they thrive in filtered light and will produce beautiful colorful leaves.



Your Hypoestes prefers bright, indirect light. Lower light can cause it to grow slower and become stretched out while direct sunlight can burn the leaves.


Water your Hypoestes thoroughly when the top 25-50% of soil is dry. If you let your Hypoestes dry out too much, it will let you know with limp leaves. Not to worry! After a thorough watering, the leaves should soon perk up.


Average household humidity is acceptable, but your Hypoestes will appreciate higher humidity levels. You can boost the humidity with frequent misting, placing a humidifier nearby, or using a pebble tray. Another way to increase relative humidity is to group several humidity-loving plants together in a small area, creating a microclimate.


Your Hypoestes will thrive in average room temperatures between 15-25 degrees. Avoid cold drafts and direct airflow from heaters in the winter months.


Feed every month from spring through the end of summer with a general houseplant fertilizer diluted to half the recommended strength.


Hypoestes Plants are non-poisonous to humans and pets.

Additional Care

f you choose, you can bring your Hypoestes outdoors during the summer months when night-time temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees. It will thrive in a spot that has full shade so that the leaves do not get sunburnt.


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