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Bromeliad Care

Posted by Alexander Holdinghausen on

Bromeliads are native to Brazil. In the wild, they typically grow on trees as epiphytes. Epiphytes develop minimal roots and absorb most of their nutrients through their foliage.



Your Bromeliad prefers medium to bright indirect light. Insufficient light will cause growth to slow.


Bromeliads are unique in that you water the centre of the plant instead of the soil. Keep the centre of the plant filled with water at all times – up to halfway. Every few weeks, empty any water, rinse, and fill with fresh water. This helps prevent salt and mineral build up. Only water the soil around once every month. When watering the soil, water until liquid flows through the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot and discard any water that has accumulated in the saucer.


Your Bromeliad appreciates a humid environment. Mist often or use a pebble tray or humidifier.


Your Bromeliad prefers average indoor temperatures of 15-25 degrees.


Bromeliads are similar to air plants in that they take in nutrients through their foliage. Use a foliar fertilizer spray on your Bromeliad 1-2 times a month during spring and summer. You can use a foliar spray made for orchids or air plants.


Bromeliads are not known to be toxic to pets and humans, however, it may cause skin irritation in sensitive individuals.

Additional Care

If your plant is in ideal conditions, it should begin growing pups off the side of the mother plant. Eventually, the mother plant will die off and be replaced by these pups. This is a natural part of your Bromeliad’s life cycle and is no cause for alarm. These pups can either be cut off the mother plant and planted in a different pot, or they can stay in the same pot and you can cut the mother plant out of the pot.


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