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7 Indoor Gardening Supplies To Keep Plants Lush & Healthy

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Many think that houseplants are immune to common garden pests and diseases like fungus gnats, mites, powdery mildew, and black spot. But these diseases can spread among indoor plants just as easily, especially if you’re regularly adding new botanicals into your space.

Houseplant pests and diseases are typically introduced when a plant parent unknowingly brings home an infected plant, which then spreads the mildew, insects, or blight to your surrounding plant babies. To avoid this altogether, considering isolating a new potted plant for a few weeks to make sure it’s healthy and disease-free before placing it near other plants.

What’s more, proper care including fertilizing your plants during the spring and summer months can also make them strong, healthy, and better equipped to overcome diseases and pests.

Of course, you can take all precautionary measures possible and still end up with an infected plant — it’s a reality of gardening and plant ownership. So we stocked our plant care shop with top-rated all-purpose houseplant fertilizers, fungicides, insecticidal sprays to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

Indoor Gardening Essentials

Time Release ClassiCote Fertilizer


If you’re concerned about your fertilizer washing away during waterings, consider a hardy time-release variety. Jack’s ClassiCote fertilizer includes phosphorus, magnesium, and crystalline compounds that provide continuous sustenance over the course of four months.

You can either mix this blend thoroughly into the potting soil or sprinkle a thin layer on top of the soil.

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