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Troforte M All Purpose Plant Food 400g

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TROFORTE is a ground-breaking microbe coated and mineral enriched fertiliser developed in Australia by Langley Fertilizers.

It contains up to 24 strains of beneficial soil microbes and up to 60 strains of essential minerals, with all microbes being cultured in Australia specific for Australian soils.

Repeated applications of chemical fertilisers, herbicides and other chemicals can deplete the soil and destroy the natural soil structure which includes the beneficial soil microbes and minerals. Troforte redresses this imbalance by reintroducing good microbes and essential minerals into the soil with each application, thereby gradually improving and restoring the health of your soil.

Troforte is completely non-leaching, non-burning and reef to river safe !.

• Dramatically improved drought resistance due to greatly enhanced root development.
• Vastly Increased earthworm activity means better drainage and aeration of the soil.
• One application lasts 5-6 months.
• Efficient delivery of nutrient means better colour, better flowering, better fruiting.
• Enhanced protection from disease.
• After a few applications, It also means lower fertiliser rates & better results.

Directions for use
Planting or Transplanting:
Using the scoop supplied, sprinkle the instructed dosage of Troforte® around the bottom of the hole or pot. Also, mix into the back-fill soil. Water in well.

Established Trees or plants:
Using the scoop supplied, sprinkle the instructed dosage of Troforte® around the base of the plant and out to the drip line. Cover with mulch, compost or organic matter if possible, and immediately water in well. Apply the solution directly around the plant or on to the foliage. Can be used every 2 weeks.

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