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Organic Potting Mix 12lt 'Grow Better' |My Jungle Home|

Organic Potting Mix 12lt 'Grow Better'

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Organic potting mix contains blood and bone and poultry manure and is environment friendly and safe.


• 100% organic

• Made from sustainable, renewable resources

• Environment-friendly and safe

• Organic content assist moisture retention while allowing good drainage

• Includes natural fertilisers (blood and bone and poultry manure) to give plants a boost

Directions for use

Spring, Summer and early Autumn are the best times to re-pot a plant. However, avoid repotting when temperatures are very hot.

Signs you need to repot are L0 If roots are poking out of the drainage holes, a larger pot is needed.

Examine the roots of the plant and if there are root tips forming a thick spiral at the base of the root ball, repotting is required.

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The way your indoor plant is grown matters. We work with the highest quality, family owned growers in Australia to hand select the healthiest and lushest indoor plants.

This means when you buy your plant from our store their off to a great start.

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